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Yesterday (Saturday) I spent the morning with Mommy , Daddy and Grandma Susie. We went to Wall Springs Park again for a nature hike. I tried to show Daddy where all the hippos were but once again they were hiding. I learned how to play shadow tag with Grandma Susie. I even almost caught my OWN shadow!

Top of the lookout tower

Let’s go THAT way…

Tree Hugger!!!!!!

We ran a few errands and then I came home for a nap. After my nap Mommy & Daddy put me in the car and we went to Phillipe Park. Wow, another chance to look for hippos!!! Miss Sage was down for the weekend from Ocala with her parents. So we all met at the park and we had a wonderful time. Daddy enjoyed “grown-up” talk with some of the other dads. Daddy needs more other dad time… maybe I will try to network a social structure for him. Hmmm.

We played on the playground and munched watermelon.

I was exhausted from all the fresh air and went right to sleep at bedtime. Mommy was surprised with that because she THINKS three of my eye-teeth have popped through and I have been cranky because of that.

I got up this morning and did my normal Sunday cartoon ritual while Daddy read the paper and Mommy picked up the house a bit. Then, I looked out the window and who was there?? SAGE!!! Yeah, Sage and her parents came over to play.

Sage and I went on an African safari, played in the sandbox, poured water on each other and did lots more fun things! 🙂 It was nice for Mommy & Daddy to have their friends over. We sure do miss them since they moved to Ocala. After all our outside fun Sage and I got cleaned off with the hose and then each got dunked in the tub. Then I INSISTEd that Sage watch Curious George with me. Guess what?? Sage LOVES George too! I really miss Sage! *sigh* We played for a bit and then everyone went bye-bye.

Watering Sage…it helps her grow!

Our Safari

George Time…

I am really into my George…

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