Spit-up, Attacking Blueberry buckets and Sleep

Things have been really busy this week for me. I constantly insist that I go to the “nature park” but no one seems to listen to me. I have had it with swimming because my not-quite-here-yet teeth are hurting and driving me nuts. When I get in the water I am fine on my tummy but when i flip to my back… AHHHHH I don’t like it one bit!!!!! Daddy came to my early lessons and got to see first hand how much I fuss. After I got out of the pool, Mommy was snuggling me and trying to dry me off then… from the bottom of my tummy I looked up and BURPED…a BIG burp… so loud it scared away the hippos… the burp brought up a bunch of breakfast too. Thank goodness I had clean clothes and so did Mommy. Smart Mommy! 🙂

After swimming I crashed in the car-seat on the way to a blueberry farm in Hudson (about 30 minutes north of Grandma’s house. I got to pick a bunch of blueberries right from the bushes. Mommy quickly explained to only pick the big blue ones… then I went to work!

All was well. I LOVED picked berries. Mommy made me keep my binki in my mouth so I didn’t eat the berries. But I went tearing down a row to see Daddy and my bucket jumped in front of me and I tumbled face first into it! I scraped my lip a bit but I was okay… no “doctor” needed. (I insist lately that every boo-boo needs kissed by Mommy AND Daddy and that I then need to go to the doc-tor.) Mommy said she is an accident prone fruit picker too… I guess she was attacked by a ladder when she was a little kid picking cherries. I guess it runs in the family. I am bound to not like picking fruit, i guess??

Mommy showing me the kind of berries to pick
My first blueberry
Now I put them in the bucket?
I found many BLUE berries
There is one!!!!
Picking the blueberries and putting them in the bucket…. *whistle*

Man this is HARD work!
After the bucket accident… this one looked so yummy I ATE it!

Picking more to eat…. i mean bring home!

Calling it a day…

Mommy said I was just too cute in the blueberry fields. I kept hearing roosters and cows and monkeys (okay, not monkeys but I can dream, right??). I really enjoyed this outing. Next time, remember to bring a portable a/c unit… it was toasty out there! My shoes need a bath, I need a bath… but right now I need a NAP!

4 thoughts on “Spit-up, Attacking Blueberry buckets and Sleep”

  1. My favorite picture is him in the last one just walking back at the end of a busy time of picking berries. Such a cutie!!

  2. I enjoy viewing all your pictures and seeing you grow up. The blueberry pictures were especially cute.

  3. What another fun day I your fantastic life. Thanks for the blueberries and corn you left at my house. Both were delicious!

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