Day 3 and counting

Swimming went well again today. I DID NOT want to go into Miss Patricia’s house let alone the pool. Once Mommy pried my t-shirt off I eagerly went into the pool. I screamed and cried a bit more today. It was a bit chilly out, 65F. But the pool water was nice and warm, 85F. Miss Patricia was very impressed with my ability to float. That made me feel better and I even offered up an impromptu high-five for her.

I really quiet down when I am in the actual water… I only holler when I am in Miss Patricia’s arms during “rest times”. I was on my back a LOT in the pool today. Great Grandma Allen would be proud, I arch my back and keep my toes above water. A natural floater, huh?

Here are a few pictures of me in the pool with Miss Patricia.

(Me swimming to the wall)
(I got the bar at the wall… that was pretty far for me to swim!)

(Look I am floating on my back)
(Her hands are there to catch me but she is not touching my back at all!)
(Flip turns to the wall.)
(More back practice…toes up!)
(Action shot… floating on back and being SAVED by Miss Patricia.)

I have a two day break…maybe three if the weatherman is right with his prediction for Monday (Chilly high 50s in the morning). We will see. I am supposed to practice in the pool this weekend if I can.

One thought on “Day 3 and counting”

  1. Won’t be long until Breighton can compete with his Mom, who can float the longest with toes above the water!! At least he is learning in a warm pool rather than in Lake Erie.

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