I touched a dragon…

I did much better today at swimming. I only screamed a few times and said “Mommy Mommy home” WAY less times! Mommy thinks my new found swimming glory is from the reward that Miss Patricia introduced today. If I do well and don’t scream and cry during my lesson I get to touch Miss Patricia’s daughter’s bearded dragon (lizard). It is really neat and bumpy. I was VERY happy to see the lizard! 🙂 Maybe if I do well all swimming season I can hold the lizard too!? Just maybe!

Grandma Jo said that someday I will find out that I eat animals (chicken, pigs and whatnot) and that I will freak out and turn vegetarian. I am sort of there already… I am mainly a lacto-ovo vegan already! 🙂 Except for the occasional piece of chicken I may eat.

I had fun playing at my friend Daniel’s house today. We ate PB&J and pears. I pigged out on the pears! 🙂 Yummie!

I took a poor nap again today and drove Daddy nuts with my new found “screaming” skills. I just giggle and then SCREAMMMMMMMM! Daddy doesn’t like it…. Mommy is tolerating it but not happy with me. I think I will push a few more buttons before I give it up!

Today I also got two new fishies for the fish tank. We got two wild perculas (clown fish). I named them both Nemo. Mommy thinks one should be Nemo and one should be Mo-nee. Since for the last three months or so I have called Nemo, MONE (promounced Mo-knee). I finally say it correctly

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