Sorry I have been busy

So, Mommy and Daddy are on the verge of seeing if the hospital will take me back. I am teething badly and have a clear drippy nose and a HUGE toddler attitude issue. Mommy said that if I act today (or ever again for that fact) like I did yesterday…she will disown me!!! So hitting, pinching, biting and general toddler grumpiness is not okay??

As for me… yesterday I hated: FOOD, MILK, Mommy, Daddy, my toys, my diaper and especially bathtime when I went into my worst meltdown EVER.

I clocked Mommy in the face with my large hard plastic elephant and then laughed uncontrolably. Am I becoming evil… or just nearly two??

Whatever has taken my soul and replaced it with the being that I am right now… GO AWAY!

The highlight of my day was playing the new Boston piano that Mommy & Daddy got. There are a LOT of rules that come with the piano (washing hands, no “banging” the keys, no flipping the lid up and down, no climbing..blah blah blah). Yesterday probably was NOT the day for new rules.

Daddy yelled at Hunter last night as he was hacking up on the kitchen table. This caused Hunter to fly off the table and hack on the way to the ground…then land in it and then freak out and run around the house spreading cat puke everywhere! UGH! Mommy got it all picked up and Daddy helped get Hunter to the bathroom for a 20 mintue lockdown so he could get cleaned up.

Just one of those days.

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