Swim fishy swim…

Today was my first day of ISR swimming lessons. I think I did rather well all things considered. The weather was a lot nicer today than the last few days… 70F and sunny! Tomorrow it should be around 80F for my lesson! 🙂 YippiE!

Miss Patricia was very nice and helped me slowly get used to the water in the pool (her pool is heated and really warm!) I put my head under a lot and held my breath very well. She helped me learn to swim towards the wall and grab a bar. Today was really just about getting to know her and getting my feet wet, literally.

I guess I will go back tomorrow. She said I need to try to scream a bit less tomorrow! I think I will try, no promises. After all I am just a toddler.

Oh yeah, potty news. I am getting better about going when Mommy sets me on the potty to try. I do better in the afternoons and evening. I DO NOT like going on the potty in public. I still would rather use my diaper but I am trying to be a big boy. It is getting better! 🙂

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