1) Grandma Jo tired to kill Mommy & me 2) I scared the babysitter

Okay first off, thank you Grandma Jo for the really cool balls from the learning store. Now that that is said and done.

Mommy was driving me to Gymboree and I was playing quietly with one of the balls in the back seat. Suddenly it went whizzing by Mommy’s head and straight under the gas pedal in the mini-van. Mommy whipped off her shoe in mid turn and fetched the ball with her foot (kicked it backwards). Mommy said thank goodness it wasn’t the brake pedal. No more balls in the car! 🙁

Secondly, Mommy and Daddy went on a “date night” to see The Last Mimzy, which they LOVED. I stayed home with Karina and played with my animals. At 7pm she said it was time for my bath and I took her “fingers” and led her to the bathroom. She stripped me down and I wanted to turn on the faucet (she let me). Then I told her “potty, potty, potty”. She was confused because no one had told her that I am becoming a BIG boy (Mommy said she had no need since I haven’t gone in the potty for two days). She set me on the potty and I went pee-pee almost immediately. I didn’t want to get off the potty. She was SHOCKED to say the least. I finally let her take me off and then I told her I needed to wash my hands. She was MORE shocked! Next was bath-time. I wanted NOTHING to do with bath-time. Mommy said she will wash me tomorrow (I have purple paint on my tummy still from stamping with giant ink-pads out back this afternoon). When Mommy and Daddy got home Karina told them of my potty adventures.

Mommy and Daddy are SOOOOO proud of me. Tomorrow I get to try on the BIG boy undies that we bought at Target today. I picked out Thomas the Tank and Elmo! 🙂


2 thoughts on “1) Grandma Jo tired to kill Mommy & me 2) I scared the babysitter”

  1. You are leading such an interesting life for such a young boy. Granny is proud of you with your potty time!

  2. WOW! Great job big boy!! Guess what? Your e-friend Jazzy is finally a big girl too! She is potty trained! YAY! She picked Princess and Ariel Undies. What a big boy! YAY YOU! LOL!

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