Letter to my potty…

Dearest Potty,

I enjoyed using your services twice. I think I am now done. So you will have to sit alone in the bathroom until a BIG boy comes by. For some reason I like to scream bloody murder when I get near you. If Mommy and Daddy get me on top of you I scream that I am “stuck”. I did have a fun time sitting on you and playing with Shrek stickers today. But, I absolutely REFUSE to do pee-pee in the potty like the other day.

Mommy said she will keep trying. Daddy said if I go in the potty I get a pop-pop! (lollipop or ice cream depending on the situation for those of you who missed it).

*sigh* I may never again taste a pop-pop. 🙁

oh bother!

Breighton, 22 months

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