Ether weeekend?

I like saying “ether”. I THINK I mean Easter but everyone giggles when I say “ether”. *shrug* All I know is that there is a bunny, eggs, candy and something about a lamb.

Saturday morning Mommy and Daddy took me to an Easter Egg hunt in downtown Dunedin. I really enjoyed flirting with the older girls and bouncing in the moon-bounce. It was a big windy and chilly but I stayed warm by running around like a kid hopped up on sugar! 🙂 At some point a strange man (apparently the Pastor of the local church sponsoring the event) was taking pictures and I offered up a HUGE cheesy smile for him. I am a ham!

Saturday afternoon Cousin Anna and I decorated eggs. By that I mean I dropped the eggs in the dye cups and then fiddled around with them with my nice once normal colored hands.



My hands were GREEN when I was done.

Mommy scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and FINALLY after about 3 gallons of soap and a few Brillo pads the green is gone. (She didn’t really scrub that hard, but it sure felt like a LOT of hand-washing!) Then she trimmed my nails to remove the last of the green mutant fingernails. I thought it was cool!

Today Anna was down again and we hunted for eggs at Great Uncle Harry’s house. I had a BLAST! I think Easter egg hunting is a bit too high pressure for me. I think maybe it was all the egg hunts Mommy and Daddy took me to in training for the big event today. It was always “hurry hurry hurry” so the bigger kids didn’t get all the eggs first. Today I had my OWN eggs to hunt. I ran around saying “hurry hurry hurry”. Oh well. I really had fun hunting eggs though.

Afterward Anna and I checked out the loot that the Easter Bunny left for us. I got a BUNCH of Thomas the Tank trains, Matchbox cars, sticky balls, books candy and other toys!
I had a quick bite of sugar and then more sugar for desert. I got a bit loopy.


We had the famous bunny cake that Grandma Jo makes every year.

Here is me LAST year (i wasn’t even 1 yet!!)

Here is me THIS year with the cake… obviously a NEW cake. VERY YUMMY CAKE!



2 thoughts on “Ether weeekend?”

  1. I loved the picture of you running with your Easter basket. Too funny how you kept saying hurry, hurry, hurry. You must have thoughts of competing for eggs that runs thru your head? Just too many egg hunts this year? Thanks for the fun day watching you enjoy Easter with the family.
    Love, Grandma Susie

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