Of speech and hyperactivity!

This morning Mommy and I were playing with my Winnie-the-Pooh sticker book and I was having her take stickers off the sheet. In a cute innocent voice I said “ooo-eeee (Eyeore) too, have him please.”

Mommy and Daddy are really impressed with my language explosion. I have my moments though… somedays it is mostly babble and then others it is very developed speech. This language explosion is very interesting to Mommy and Daddy.

Also I hurt Mommy this morning… I was sitting next to her on the bed and I suddenly had the urge to headbutt her face! I got her right on the cheekbone. Mommy was mad but said it was an accident so I got off the hook this time!

I am kind of wound up today…

Mommy thinks I had an IV of sugar during the night…

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