Rose Tattoos, Ice Cream Belly and Silly Faces

Today was a fun day. Grandma Susie came over to play (watch me) while Mommy & Daddy did some yard work. I had a blast with Grandma Susie. We played all sorts of games… she got a kick out of me DUMPING everything out… she is so organized and I like my toys messy! hehe We played stickers and marched in a parade and sorted animals by feeding ground and mommies and babies. Thanks for playing with me! 🙂

After my nap we went grocery shopping and then met up with Grandma Jo, Grandpa Howie, Great-Grandpa & Great Grandma Reed at Pizza Hut for a quick slice. Grandma Jo bought me a tattoo! How cool am I. I got a bit freaked when Mommy put it on because it didn’t come off when I pulled at it. I now understand it will be there for a few days.


We came home and I had a quick bath and shared an ice cream with Daddy. Daddy tried to have an ice cream when I was in the tub but I KNEW something was up so I demanded a SHORT bath! I can smell ice cream MILES away!


Mommy was snapping pictures and I kept giving silly “cheese” faces! What a ham I am!!!

(just my silly grin)

(me pretending to take a picture…. CHEESE!)

(corny smile for the camera!)

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