Potty Power…

Today after dinner (i had king crab, applesauce and broccoli) I was filthy and Mommy took me for a bath. She got me in the tub and I said “Mommy potty” so she pulled me out and I sat on the potty for a few minutes. Then guess what? I made a pee-pee in the potty! All by myself! I even knew to flush! 🙂

We got to go Brewster’s Ice Cream for a celebration “pop-pop” (ice cream or lollipop depending on the situation). Everyone was so proud of me! 🙂 I am too!

Mommy got me cleaned up when we got home and before changing my diaper asked if I needed to potty before bed… It took me a few minutes to decide that I should probably try. I took Mommy and Daddy to the potty room and they set me on the potty and right away I went pee-pee again! 🙂 I giggled with delight! 🙂 I AM SO PROUD OF ME!

Mommy let me wear a pull-up diaper to bed tonight because I am such a big boy!!


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