Today was…ummm….UGH!

Ugh just about wraps it up!

When I got up today my outlook was good. I was happy to see my Mommy and Daddy and to say good-morning to the world. Then things started to go downhill. I hurt my toe on “something” and I cried for a little while. UGH!

I went to Gymboree and only one other kid was in my class today. Since I tend to follow the older kids things were all out of whack. I got upset and didn’t want to do ANYTHING the teacher said. UGH!

I came home and took a nap but he men were installing the countertops during my nap so there was a LOT of banging so I had a poor nap, only about 45 min. UGH!

The kitchen looks pretty with the new counters but they took away all my hiding and pop up places. UGH!

I found a magnet on the dishwasher and was playing with it and managed to pinch my finger REALLY bad… there was a little blood! but Mommy came to the rescue and made the boo-boo not hurt. I haven’t seen that mean magnet since. UGH!

I crawled onto the coffee table and Daddy yelled at me… I got upset and called him “Mean Daddy”. Mommy told me it wasn’t nice to say that because daddy was just looking out for my safety. I cried more… UGH!

Then Grandma Susie came over with Bob and Steve from the shop to pickup the old fridge and stove to take them to her place. I showed off my new kitchen…







Then they loaded the fridge in the truck and I waved BYE-BYE to it. Then… UGH!

As Mommy puts it… I MELTED! Tears came pouring down my face and I was crying so hard I was hyperventilating. Everyone was trying to comfort me and I just cried harded. I didn’t want to see my fridge go away… we have so many memories together. Plus that is where my MILK was. Mommy and Daddy brought me inside and showed me that my milk, juice, yogurt and other snacks were still in the NEW fridge. My first display of seperation anxiety and it was to the FRIDGE! UGH!

I finally calmed down after Daddy let me have a ice cream cone from the new freezer.


I bumped my head and feet and arms. I tripped over EVERYTHING and ran into more. It was just one of those days. Mommy said… “there must be another tooth on the way”. I get like this when I am teething. Well, I am going to bed… tomorrow HAS to be better. It just HAS to! UGH!

Oh, Mommy said to show you a picture of the new patio furniture because one of her friends asked to see a picture of it. It didn’t hurt me today!!! 🙂



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  1. Oh good grief, what a day you had! Lets hope tomorrow is better and you get some time to bond with your new refrigerator. Tell mommy and daddy that the kitchen looks fantastic. Love you.

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