I think all I did yesterday was party party party! 🙂 We got up early and drove to Spencer’s house for his birthday party, he turned 2! Mommy made him some “Thomas the Tank” overalls. He enjoyed them.

But now I want a pair… Mommy made me generic train ones but that was before I started to understand who Thomas was! 🙂

I played in the big back yard… I was afraid to go into the big bouncy castle


but I really enjoyed the play house…


I liked answering the door and sweeping the floors.

We got in the car and drove to Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie’s place for a St. Pattys Day lunch. Not really for the holiday but my Uncle Bronson was down from Ohio. I refused to share my grapes with him… but I think (hope) he got over it!

I showed Grandpa Howie how to use my See-And-Say.


I also enjoyed my cup of marshmellows and pretzel sticks! I had some real food too, don’t worry!


I only spilled it a few times but Grandma Jo got me the vacuum and I cleaned it all up!


I was tuckered out by 8pm and went right to bed.
Maybe it was all the spinning and falling down I did!


Today I got up really early and Mommy & Daddy brought me into their room. I tried to fall back asleep but Hunter kept whining… MEEEEOOOOOOOOW! MmmMMMEeeeeeOooooOOOwWWWW! Silly kitty!

Today Mommy & Daddy let me watch Boooos(Blue’s Clues) on tv. I don’t know what to think of it yet… but it had a puppy so I am happy.

Off to nap now… more later I am sure! 🙂

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