Good Buddies

Ethan came over to play this morning when his Mommy went for her first ultrasound. We ran around screaming for a while and then headed outside to play in the sandbox. Ethan is really skilled at throwing sand. He really enjoyed doing that until he got sand all over himself then it wasn’t fun anymore.


We watered all the plants and played in the the big refrigerator box.



Ethan rode my tricycle.


I did sprints down the pavers.


We were FILTHY so Mommy brought us inside and got us all cleaned up. We bounced on my bed until Mommy said NO!

Then we played with sticker books and were ODDLY quiet for a while.


I apparently told Ethan a bad joke because he moaned and covered his eyes!

We had a nice snack of carrots, applesauce and cheese. Ethan finished his but I really didn’t want mine because I had a big breakfast.

Mommy let us play Play-doh on my little table. Ethan and I shared VERY well with each other. I only ate the play-doh ONCE!



We watched the garbage truck pick up the trash and saw really neat birds, lots of them!


Ethan came back over tonight for spaghetti dinner and playing in the yard. Afterwards we had a quick bath and Mommy read us a few stories.


All in all, I had a nice day today!

One thought on “Good Buddies”

  1. So happy B has found a real friend and that you have one too with his Mom. Looks like the kids get along real well.

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