Fun but long day…

Today started VERY early for me. Up before the sun and Mommy tried to get me to stop turning on my light (by moving my crib off of the wall). She gave up after a few minutes and I was up for the day. Daddy took me on a wagon ride to the park at the end of the street. I showed Daddy how to put pineneedles into holes. Daddy found it cute that I raise my arms in the air and say “TADA!” whenever I do something I think is cool.

When we got back Mommy was all dressed and whisked me into the car and we picked up Grandma Susie and went to breakfast at CrackerBarrel then we drove to Howie-In-The-Hills for a surprise birthday lunch for my Great Uncle John (Mommy’s Uncle John). It was loads of fun, especially since a lot of my extended cousins were there too! Nick, Spencer and I shared and played with our Thomas trains. We all shared very well… for the most part. Spencer and I enjoyed washing the trains in a HUGE fountainand SPLASHING TOO! Mommy wasn’t impressed that i was SOAKING wet, secretly I think she was!

Spencer turns two this week… he is the one in the dark blue shirt. Nick, who is 3, is in the red striped shirt.
They are both Mommy’s Cousin Wendy’s kids.





I survived a LONG lunch and stayed in my highchair for nearly 2 hours! WOW! I should get an award for that! I even ate my veggies! I guess I was hungry today.


I got a bit scared by Mommy’s Cousin Kathie. I was just tired…


Afterwards we drove home and picked up Daddy and went out to Mexican. (We hope the kitchen is up and going soon…we are ALL tired of eating out!) I ate rice! I decided this week that I like rice. Mommy and Daddy are just happy that I am actually eating something other than applesauce and yogurt for a change. On the way home we stopped at the fair/carnival that is set up at Countryside Mall. Mommy and Daddy played a few games and won me a stuffed dog, a pig that oinks and a blowup dolphin. I really liked hugging the puppy dog.

I am completely exhausted as I only took a short 30 min nap in the car at 10am so I am off to bed now.

Don’t forget to change your clocks tonight. Mommy is hoping for 8am wake-up or later.

Nighty night all.

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  1. I can see the “wheels” turning in your head in the first picture. Bet you said to your cousin Spencer—-lets get wet!!

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