New home…

Well, not really! Mommy and Daddy have finally allowed me to pass through the thresh hold to the forbidden zone known as the kitchen. Today I got to explore…

I really liked the sink basin the best.
The ceiling is all raised and the cabinets are all in.
The granite should be here and installed on Monday!

Lumpy even liked hiding with me!
The sink basin has a flip out sponge drawer… really fun to play with.
I enjoyed playing with a huge stack of sponges…. Daddy kept wondering where they were coming from! (Where’s Breighton??)
Here I am!!!
Okay, I am bored… gotta find something else to do.
In other Breighton news:
At 4:30 i walked into Mommy & Daddy’s room and pointed at the clock and said “GEORGE!” I apparently have figured out how to tell time! Or it was just a fluke. At 4:30 Curious George is on PBS. Mommy has only let me watch it a few times. I really like reading the books but the cartoon is neat too. Mainly because I read the stories with Mommy all the time and then to see them in cartoon form is kinda cool. Point is… I knew it was 4:30 and time for George!

Tonight I had Karina babysit me so Mommy and Daddy could run some house errands. They got all the appliances picked out and ordered. They will be delivered tomorrow! YIPPIE!!! Mommy can make microwave popcorn for the first time since before Christmas when the old nuker broke.!

I behaved really well, except I didn’t want to go night night I kept calling for Mommy! I love my Mommy & Daddy!

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