Today was a fun day…NOT! I am cranky and fussy again. I am cutting two teeth at the same time… I gotta catch up to my friends. This morning I got to help rake all the leafs that have fallen from the tree out front. I enjoyed that a LOT!


I raked and then helped clean up… when I was done…

I decided I should rake the neighbors yard too! Mommy wouldn’t let me because she was afraid I might step on something and hurt myself.

Afterwards I got all preppy and we went to Zac Daniel’s Christening.
But first I had to make a quick call to “Hooooowwwwieeeee” but he wasn’t home!

We went to a B&B in St. Petersburg. It was really nice. I ran around and relocated anything I could find to relocate. Mommy had to work hard to chase me.



Mommy & Daddy ad given me Benedryll before we went because my allergies are all crazy this week. I am dripping like a faucet. Oh well. Pollen! I fell asleep right before lunch but did get to see the actual Christening.

This is Zac Daniel being held by his God Parents. Scott(Mommies Cousin) & Joan are on the left. Zac is now 4 months old!



We came home and I didn’t want to nap. Oh well. Finally I took a short nap around 4ish. So of course I wasn’t totally tired at bedtime. Mommy and Daddy let me read for a bit and then came and shut off my light. I snuck out of bed again and grabbed my books again. Mommy came back in 15 mintues later and I was sitting in the dark with my flashlight on reading a book about shapes. Ugh… BUSTED! 🙁

Mommy and Daddy laughed for a while. Mommy’s friend Mrs. Jamie joked about it last week that I would be the kid under the covers reading books by flashing. Little did she know it would happen WAY earlier than anyone thought! 🙂
Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. The de-construction of the kitchen should start tomorrow and my toys are all a-muck! BLAH!

Night night everyone!

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