Thursday Night Party Time

Mr. Ethan and his Mommy (Jamie) came over again tonight. Daddy made a nice diner. We had pan seared sirloin, mashed taters and cheesy peas. I didn’t like the cheesy peas but Mr. Ethan did! 🙂

We played in the back yard and sandbox.

I wore just big boy undies outside. Today I found them in my closet and wanted to put them on. Mommy let me wear them OVER my diaper all day and then when we went outside I had no diaper and just the undies. I was having such a fun time playing I forgot that I needed to go potty. Oh well. I am learning still.

Ethan and I trashed my room and then the Mommies picked it all up. Daddy too. We had a fun splash in the bath and then the night was over.

What a fun time.

Me in the sandbox…
Ethan and I in the arbor…
Watering plants…
Water MORE plants…

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