Today was a fun day…NOT! I am cranky and fussy again. I am cutting two teeth at the same time… I gotta catch up to my friends. This morning I got to help rake all the leafs that have fallen from the tree out front. I enjoyed that a LOT!


I raked and then helped clean up… when I was done…

I decided I should rake the neighbors yard too! Mommy wouldn’t let me because she was afraid I might step on something and hurt myself.

Afterwards I got all preppy and we went to Zac Daniel’s Christening.
But first I had to make a quick call to “Hooooowwwwieeeee” but he wasn’t home!

We went to a B&B in St. Petersburg. It was really nice. I ran around and relocated anything I could find to relocate. Mommy had to work hard to chase me.



Mommy & Daddy ad given me Benedryll before we went because my allergies are all crazy this week. I am dripping like a faucet. Oh well. Pollen! I fell asleep right before lunch but did get to see the actual Christening.

This is Zac Daniel being held by his God Parents. Scott(Mommies Cousin) & Joan are on the left. Zac is now 4 months old!



We came home and I didn’t want to nap. Oh well. Finally I took a short nap around 4ish. So of course I wasn’t totally tired at bedtime. Mommy and Daddy let me read for a bit and then came and shut off my light. I snuck out of bed again and grabbed my books again. Mommy came back in 15 mintues later and I was sitting in the dark with my flashlight on reading a book about shapes. Ugh… BUSTED! 🙁

Mommy and Daddy laughed for a while. Mommy’s friend Mrs. Jamie joked about it last week that I would be the kid under the covers reading books by flashing. Little did she know it would happen WAY earlier than anyone thought! 🙂
Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. The de-construction of the kitchen should start tomorrow and my toys are all a-muck! BLAH!

Night night everyone!

Thursday Night Party Time

Mr. Ethan and his Mommy (Jamie) came over again tonight. Daddy made a nice diner. We had pan seared sirloin, mashed taters and cheesy peas. I didn’t like the cheesy peas but Mr. Ethan did! 🙂

We played in the back yard and sandbox.

I wore just big boy undies outside. Today I found them in my closet and wanted to put them on. Mommy let me wear them OVER my diaper all day and then when we went outside I had no diaper and just the undies. I was having such a fun time playing I forgot that I needed to go potty. Oh well. I am learning still.

Ethan and I trashed my room and then the Mommies picked it all up. Daddy too. We had a fun splash in the bath and then the night was over.

What a fun time.

Me in the sandbox…
Ethan and I in the arbor…
Watering plants…
Water MORE plants…

Ice Cream, Cold Weather, and My Pal Ethan

Ethan came over again on Thursday to hang out for a while. Daddy bought us both ice cream from the ice cream truck. MMMM… pushpops! I have never had an ice cream I could hold myself. I was very timid…


Ethan dove right into the sugar high
Mommy and Mrs. Jamie (Ethan’s Mommy) decided sandboxes and ice cream don’t mix well…a bit too gritty.

It was chilly out so we had to keep moving while eating…

And moving some more…

We both had a quick bath afterwards because we were VERY sticky!

Then I taught Ethan how to hold a ball without using your hands.

He caught on quickly… (green ball)
Ethan got mad because I wouldn’t share a toy…

I said Shhhhhhhhhh!!! It was a TWO finger Shhhhhh!
We made up over sippy cups and buckets…
I am still in the bucket?

I enjoy playing with my pal and Mommy enjoys having a friend over too!