ME Update for 2007

Well, since not much is going on in my life I might as well give everyone a TOOTH update. I have 9 totally through now and am working on 10-12 all at the same time. I still have a silly smile because most of the ones I am getting now are molars… WAY in the back and hard to see (unless you are Mommie’s finger trying to check on them…CHIOMP!).

My scar from the fight with the foyer is healing well. It will surely leave a nice mark but hopefully not too bad.

I am about 31lbs now and just about 35 inches tall. BIG BOY!

I talk a LOT now. New words everyday… but I still cry when I don’t get what I want.

100 2283

Hopefully 2007 will be more kind to me. I look forward to potty training, my trip to the Mediterranean for my second birthday and many other wonderful new adventures!

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