Light Bulbs Aren’t Just For Bright Ideas

Okay, so I discovered that lightbulbs get HOT when they are on. Guess what? They can give you first and second degree burns on your hand if you touch them too! Mommy & Daddy had their backs turned for just a second last night and I climbed on the endtable and grabbed the lightbulb for just a second. Then the pain kicked in. Mommy & Daddy are good doctors. They shoved my hand under cold water and put burn cream on my little hand and gave me Motrin to ease some of the pain. I cried for over 1.5 hours and then it was bedtime. I got to visit Dr. Jordan today and the nurses wrapped me up real neat. Mommy & Daddy get to re-dress my boo boo two times a day for a week or so. YIPPIE!


Lupmy got a boo-boo too and got a bandage just like mine!


2 thoughts on “Light Bulbs Aren’t Just For Bright Ideas”

  1. *shaking head* Dude! We have serious injury issues and we aren’t even two yet. I vote that our new years resolutions are to NOT get butt issues, and to NOT burn ourselves, and to start that studying so we can become rich and famous and take care of our mommies!

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