Christmas was a blast this year. Great Granny Allen is down visiting from Ohio.


Uncle Matt flew in (without luggage for a while) from California. He took me to Gymboree and we played for a while. I really had fun!

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Christmas morning when i went out to the living room it was FULL of presents! Holy Moly!
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Santa brought me a really neat LeapFrog Train, MEGA-Lumpy and stocking stuffers. Other things I got were: Tumble Tigger, Baby Einstein DVD, drum set, electronic book, lots of Target giftcards (my favorite store), Aquadoodle, a cute alligator puppet book (it makes me laugh hysterically), legos, and a bunch of other things too. So much I can’t think of it all right now.
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I enjoyed playing with my cousins Nick and Spencer. Next year Zac can play too (too little this year, bummer).


I showed everyone my monkey impression. Mommy just laughed!


Then I was exhausted and tried to fall asleep in Joan’s lap. But then I remembered she has to take care of Zac so I probably should sleep in my own bed.

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After my nap I went to Grandma Jo’s and Grandpa Howie’s for ANOTHER Christmas. I am tired just thinking about that day!

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