Sandbox, Stethoscope and Solar Systems

I finally got to play in my new backyard. I tried to help Daddy fix the sprinklers but I wasn’t much help. I tried to use the pliers on all the sprinkler heads but it just didn’t seem to do any good. Sorry Daddy! Mommy and I played in my sandbox for a long time while Daddy worked. It was nice to revisit my long lost sandbox. Thanks parents! 🙂

Daddy got dirt in his eye and Mommy had to help fix him up. The medical kit was on the bed still after my nap. I found the stethoscope and knew just what to do with it. I put the ends in my ears after many failed attempts. I then listened to my heart, just like Dr. Jordan! Mommy thought it was cute when i heard my heart i kept repeating “Knock Knock!!” He-he! I am a ham-bone!

Tonight at bedtime I guess I wasn’t as tired as Mommy & Daddy wanted me to be. They tucked me in, read me a story and shut off my lights. A while later (~40 min) Mommy and Daddy were heading to their room for the night and noticed my light on. Hmmmm. They caught me… I had turned my light on, got a few more books and my solar system flash-cards and crawled back into bed. I really wanted to look at the planets one more time before bed. Mommy & Daddy put all my reading material on the floor and re-tucked me into bed. I finally went to bed about 50 minutes after my bedtime.

A Day Behind a Toddler

Yesterday we went to Disney World. It was kind of a last minute thing, like always! It was Mommy, Daddy, Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie. I got a LOT of down time because the park was pretty empty.
I got to see some characters and actually didn’t freak out for once. I even kissed Minnie on the NOSE! 🙂

I went on a few rides but this is how Mommy spent most of the day…

Me checking out all the leafs
Me checking out the bushes
I found a whole in the wall…
I found puddles to splash in…
I learned to throw a penny… (worth $.05!!!!! Darn Copper!)
I raced in front of everone… FAR in front
I felt the stroller went to slow so I had to teach everyone how to push it FAST!
I walked in circles and tried to wear off my finger

I had another FUN day in my life! 🙂

Mr. Todd

Mr. Todd came over to play last night. We went out to dindin and I ate an entire bowl of vanilla ice cream! 🙂 YUMMY!

We played games and I showed him my toys. After I went to bed I could hear Mommy, Daddy and Mr. Todd playing Wii for a real long time. I think they really had a fun time. Mr. Todd needs to visit more often! 🙂

Here is a picture of us hanging out on the sofa…. there is a CRAB on my shoulder! Weird!


MomsClub HA!

Today was supposed to be a MomsClub day but everyone was busy except for Ethan and his Mommy. So the Mommies decided that we should go to Great Explorations in St. Petersburg. I have been before and always enjoy myself. Ethan and I had a blast playing with all sorts of neat educational toys.

We experimented with SCIENCE!

I played in a FIRE TRUCK!

I BEAT on some pipes…LOUD!
They have a new MEGA watertable!!
Ethan and I stayed pretty dry!
We danced with the big kids…
We hugged and got hugged by our Mommies

I spent QUIET time with a puzzle or two…

We really enjoyed our toddler-selves! 🙂 Afterwards we all went out to Olive Garden for a quick lunch. We behaved really well, like big boys!! Mommy was only embarrased ONCE. The HUGE bowl that contained the salad just JUMPED off the table and went everywhere! UGH! Nothing broke and the hostess cleaned it up quickly. There was just too much on our table with Ethan and I being boys and apparently my arms are longer than Mommy thought! Oh well, accidents happen. We all survived and the Mommies tipped well! 🙂

I tried to sleep on the way home but no-one would let me. So now I am rebelling and not taking my nap. Mommy just rolled her eyes at me and said…NAP TIME KIDDO! Maybe soon, Mommy!

Tonight I get to see Mr. Todd, I think! 🙂