Sandbox, Stethoscope and Solar Systems

I finally got to play in my new backyard. I tried to help Daddy fix the sprinklers but I wasn’t much help. I tried to use the pliers on all the sprinkler heads but it just didn’t seem to do any good. Sorry Daddy! Mommy and I played in my sandbox for a long time while Daddy worked. It was nice to revisit my long lost sandbox. Thanks parents! 🙂

Daddy got dirt in his eye and Mommy had to help fix him up. The medical kit was on the bed still after my nap. I found the stethoscope and knew just what to do with it. I put the ends in my ears after many failed attempts. I then listened to my heart, just like Dr. Jordan! Mommy thought it was cute when i heard my heart i kept repeating “Knock Knock!!” He-he! I am a ham-bone!

Tonight at bedtime I guess I wasn’t as tired as Mommy & Daddy wanted me to be. They tucked me in, read me a story and shut off my lights. A while later (~40 min) Mommy and Daddy were heading to their room for the night and noticed my light on. Hmmmm. They caught me… I had turned my light on, got a few more books and my solar system flash-cards and crawled back into bed. I really wanted to look at the planets one more time before bed. Mommy & Daddy put all my reading material on the floor and re-tucked me into bed. I finally went to bed about 50 minutes after my bedtime.

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