MomsClub HA!

Today was supposed to be a MomsClub day but everyone was busy except for Ethan and his Mommy. So the Mommies decided that we should go to Great Explorations in St. Petersburg. I have been before and always enjoy myself. Ethan and I had a blast playing with all sorts of neat educational toys.

We experimented with SCIENCE!

I played in a FIRE TRUCK!

I BEAT on some pipes…LOUD!
They have a new MEGA watertable!!
Ethan and I stayed pretty dry!
We danced with the big kids…
We hugged and got hugged by our Mommies

I spent QUIET time with a puzzle or two…

We really enjoyed our toddler-selves! 🙂 Afterwards we all went out to Olive Garden for a quick lunch. We behaved really well, like big boys!! Mommy was only embarrased ONCE. The HUGE bowl that contained the salad just JUMPED off the table and went everywhere! UGH! Nothing broke and the hostess cleaned it up quickly. There was just too much on our table with Ethan and I being boys and apparently my arms are longer than Mommy thought! Oh well, accidents happen. We all survived and the Mommies tipped well! 🙂

I tried to sleep on the way home but no-one would let me. So now I am rebelling and not taking my nap. Mommy just rolled her eyes at me and said…NAP TIME KIDDO! Maybe soon, Mommy!

Tonight I get to see Mr. Todd, I think! 🙂

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