Annual Holiday Disney Christmas Trip

We went over to Walt Disney World thus year again.



I got to see “Ice” at the Gaylord Palm. It was 9F in the room and we got to wear this silly blue parkas. I looked like what Mommy called an offspring of a Smurf and Jawa? Not sure. *shrug* All I know is that it was COLD! I got to go down an ice slide, but got stuck in the middle.


We saw the holiday parade and fireworks at Magic Kingdom again.


Cousins Anna and Ian and Aunt Kim came that night too. It was fun. Not nearly as cold as last year.


This year we stayed at the campground in a cabin. That was really fun. Apparently my second-cousins Nick and Spencer were at the campground too but I never saw them. We got to take the ferryboat over to the Magic Kingdom. That was neat but boring. Grandma Jo played stickers and peak-a-boo with me to keep me occupied.


I got to see Santa and I screamed my ever-lovin’ head off! I don’t think I like Santa this year… he can still bring me presents though, I just fear him a bit.
I really enjoyed the CandleLight Processional at EPCOT. The music was a bit loud but it was all very pretty.

I can’t wait for next year!

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