Update on my injury…

I’m doing fine. Recovering nicely. The sutures are holding (so far) despite my using my forehead as a pivot when I climb onto the sofa and bed. I went to EPCOT yesterday and had a great time. It’s the Food & Wine festival so Mom, Dad, and Grandma Jo walked around and sampled some foods. We went on the Figment ride and had a great time. I’m starting to get over my fear of the characters. We ate at the Garden Grill and while I shied away from Chip, Dale, Mickey, and Pluto, I didn’t scream.

Anyway, thanks for everyone’s concern! Here’s an action shot of me diving at the camera. It’s a bit fuzzy, but you can see the sutures and great job the doctor appears to have done. The first picture is more clear if you want to click on it and see the close-up!

100 1884
100 1885
Oh, and here’s a picture from last Saturday’s trip to EPCOT (yes, we went two Saturdays in a row! It was fun!) That’s the shirt I was wearing when I took my tumble. It’s Mommy’s favorite shirt of mine. She’s been trying to get the blood out….

100 1871

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