Recovering Well

I am doing very well on my road to recovery. My boo-boo is healing nicely. I don’t have to wear the silly band-aid anymore and the stitches are all gone. Mommy said I was a trooper when they took out the stitches. I knew when the doctor would get close to my forehead and I would pull away! I am so smart! But he eventually got all of them out. Daddy will try to get a new picture before the weekend of my progress. Here is one from the day I got the stitches out
100 1929

It is looking very good and healing nicely. I get scar treatment two times a day from Mommy. I really don’t like that much either, but I give in eventually.

Here is another picture Daddy took of me eating grapes with my fork. I eat better when I get to use big people silverware! 🙂 GO ME!
100 1888
100 1895

I get to go see Mickey Mouse again soon. I am really excited because my friend Ethan is going with me this time! YEAH!

I guess that is all for now. Will check back in a few days! 🙂

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