St Louis, Missouri

We are officially on the road for our “Greatest Hits” vacation. We picked some top places we have been and a few new National Parks for this trip. I am taking geology class at SPC this summer and am eager to find some of the things we are learning about. Our first stop of the trip was St. Louis. We stayed out at Casino Queen across the river. We were shocked to see the flood stages of the Mississippi River and how much was underwater near the St. Louis Arch.

We visited Lone Elk Park again. This is always a favorite on the list. They had a photography session at the park when we were there so they put food out for the animals close to the road to ensure you could get good photos. 
We saw more Elk then ever! The bison were waiting at the gate. Mom bravely drove in very slowly. After the park we went to the Wild Bird Sanctuary but a lot of the birds werent out yet since the weather was chilly. We made up for the missing birds by having fun. We even saw a captive HUMAN! We stopped off at the NPS Grant’s home. We took a tour, learned a lot about Ulysses S Grant as a person and president. Julia Grant on homeschooling! We earned another NPS Jr. Ranger badge. Then off to the City Museum for a day of chaos climbing and cookies. The art center moved and it didnt seem as fun but was still cool. Dad was sad his favorite machine was broken, this is the one he pushed the button on that may or may not have started the smoking disaster of a few years ago. I think we all got hurt in the skateless park. We certainly wore ourselves out! Mom took us to the zoo one day while Dad worked. We loved the cooler weather and overcast skies. What a break from the Florida heat. I thought this was hilarious! It was a box that someone shipped a live coral snake in! Never too old for the carousel!
Well, maybe not!

Checking out the various hives at the Monsanto Insect House.
I inquired about African Giant Millipedes and this awesome staff member came out and brought these for me to see! All about the insects! I think I want this giant puppet but it was $80!
We went out to custard one night and got some to go as well. They packed it in dry ice which led to more interest in playing with the dry ice than eating the custard. Our campsite in relation to the St. Louis Arch. We checked out the science center and new Ag display. I think the harvester was a little big for my liking! Driving the Mars lander looking for life on Mars. I was in charge of the drill to check for minerals and chemicals in the rocks. Checking out some classic video games. We went to the Budweiser Bottling Facitily. Emmerson got a HUGE Clydesdale horseshoe ! We saw the horses. We saw the old wagons and coaches they used to develiver their products. We saw the Beechwood Aged Cellars where they brew the beer. The barrels were MASSIVE! they had 72 of them! The entire facility was ornately decorated. This was the bottling part of the tour. We could see thousands of bottles whipping by on the belts below. I said the whole thing made me think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was cool yet creepy. We learned more about the process and what goes into brewing the beer. Mom and Dad, who aren’t beer drinkers, tasted a few samples. The consensus was that they are not beer drinkers! St. Louis wore me out. I was completely tuckered and slept most of the travel saw towards South Dakota.

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