Crazy Week Before Departure

I have been busy wrapping up my SPC classes for the term. Still holding on to my 4.0 grade point average. I hope to apply to the honors college and start taking a few honors classes in the fall. Mom and Emmerson have been keeping me fueled with donuts. I snuck away from studying to enjoy the end of the year 4-H party at the ice skating rink at the mall. We had a lot of fun and skated for hours until we all his blisters from the worn out skates. I wore my big bang socks. The capes stuck out of theretop of the skates! Sad to see the original Earth Explorers fade away but happy to know my friends will be coming over to archery with us. We celebrated Ellis’s 8th birthday with lasertag and video games. We all had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday E!  We went to see the Avengers End Game. We did have to arrive early since the crows were expected to be huge. Glad we did, it was sold out, but we were first in line! We got a bit goofy waiting but passed the few hours quickly. Say HI to Nero. Isn’t he just the fluffiest! He has the softest fur out of all of the hamsters! Plus he is micro! He weights less than a ounce! I had to remove this frog from Luna. It must have hopped on when a palm frond came down. I netted it and went to show it to Emmerson and it quickly hopped out of the net and into the garage and hid in the shelves! I had to go study for my test, so Mom and E had to hunt it down and get it out of the garage! Success! We leave right after my final for my Chem lab this week. I get to exempt my Cham class final because I got As on all my quizzes and tests this term. That means extra time in St. Louis on the way north! 

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