4-H State Traditional Match

I think this is becoming my favorite match each year. I love the traditional bows, nothing fancy allowed. My new bow is sharp and so smooth to shoot with. I am very happy with it. Dad was my lane judge and helped the new kids learn the rules and scoring. In the woods I shot amazingly! I was super happy with my performance. I made a friend and we laughed the entire time. He was very nice. Award time and I am super happy! I came in3rd place. Not bad for a new bow 10 days ago and a bow malfunction 4 days earlier.  Two sunburned happy archers! The drive home was blah. I was reading some school work and got carsick. I got to try Mom’s new carsick goggles. They seemed to work. We stopped at Repticon on the way home. We saw so many odd and interesting reptiles. Oddly we left with a furry thing. Well, 4 of them. E and I each adopted 2 hamsters.

Meet Caligula! And NERO!

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