Brooker Creek Entomology Display

E and I, mainly me, have been working for about 8 weeks to make this project some to life. We were offered space to make a display on entomology. The space was HUGE. We were up for the task. I started with soliciting donations and received3 Cornell drawers from Bioquip (2 directly and one form an employee). The University of Florida Dept. Of Entomology reached out with insect donations!

This is what the giant wall looked like before we started.
Stripped down and an empty pallet! Day 1 install. Green paper, some posters and words. Several trips later we finally have a finished product! See the photos below for a more detailed look. 

This was a great opportunity to leave our mark and to teach others about entomology. We look forward to working with the preserve to do some outreach programs.

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