Blueberries, Grass Plugs, Printed Deconstruction and Studying

We took Grandma Susie to Starkey Farm to pick blueberries.We were all impressed by how everything operated. It was extremely well organized. We washed up and headed out into the massive fields for picking.  The berries were HUGE! We quickly filled two buckets. Mom was really impressed with the amount of fresh berries. They were so easy to pick and you didn’t have to search far to find handfuls of nice plump berries. Look how big they are! Breighton approved berry picking! I helped mom to plant grass plus in the front yard. We are hoping to get the grass to recover this year. The old printed died a few weeks ago and we finally decided to take it apart to recycle and dispose of it better. E and I sat for over 3 hours unscrewing and disassembling! E was the tool runner. Off I would send him for more tools! Finally the last screw is out! We had a wonderful time. We kept some pieces for later exploration but tossed most in the trash on Monday. We spent a lot of time this week studying for Forest Ecology. The contest is this weekend. I am ready! I am quite confident I will do well this year!

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