Bows, Demos, Awards, Easter and Butterflies

Back to the Gainesville area for another tournament for 4-H. This is the final state match of the year! We camped at Oleno Springs again. We had a great time in their little nature center looking at the giant collection of randomness. The tournament was PACKED! There were over 150 kids this year! I love that archery is growing. I ended up in 3rd place for intermediates. I was happy again to have people to compete against! BTW, my friend, Maleah, is a funny person! She is always making me laugh! We practiced our demonstrations in from of our 4-H club. County events is this weekend! I am presenting on Coleoptera of Florida and Ethical Collecting Techniques. Done at count events! My stress level just dropped. Blue ribbon! I also received 100/100 from all three judges! I am really proud of all the work paying off for me this year. Last year was a rough year but this year I am in the zone! Easter came and was a quiet weekend by choice. We had Harry Potter themed baskets and enjoyed a weekend of Harry Potter movies and movie themed snacks like acid pops, cockroach clusters and a wonderful roast. We also had a small gulf fritillary hatch from our hatching cage. Oh and I am trying to read Harry Potter in Latin! 🙂 Wish me luck!

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