4-H Fun, Around Town and Gainesville

Our Forest Ecology Team went to Boyd Hill Nature Park to learn more about trees and plants. We stopped to see some damage that I spotted. I Pointed out that it was from ambrosia beetles.

We found lots of really cool trees to ID.

We did see quite a few alligators as well! There were little babies all over the place! The mama was a few yards away keeping a watchful eye on these babies.

Our gang! I really enjoy this part of 4-H!

Hedgie hasn’t been feeling well this week. We took him to the vet to have him checked out. They put him on antibiotics for 10 days to see if he improves. I am very worried as he is getting really old, in hedgehog years.

He acted perfectly fine and well behaved at the vet.

The Florida Aquarium hosted homeschool day and we went to check out the programs. We watched a squid dissection and learned about different animal adaptations. 

The next day Mom took E and I up to Gainesville. We have an archery tournament for 4-H. Usually we camp but we opted for a hotel and some time at the Florida Natural History Museum and insect hunting int he NATL.

The traveling exhibit is called “The Scoop on Poop”. We learned a LOT about scat! E and I in head to head dung beetle races!

I loved all the fun words in the magnetic poetry set. We conquered the kids wall and got all the circles to be red. We hunted in the NATL for a while but it was still kind of cool out so we didn’t have much luck. We opted for a nice hike instead.

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