So Much Going On…

I am really enjoying shorter hair. I didn’t think I would but I love how easy it is to take care of. I still keep it kind of shaggy, no clippers near my head!

I am taking Chemistry online and the math is taught I am getting through it.

Mom keeps us going on fun little science projects during the week. Today we made a solar balloon and left it outside flying from the mailbox 🙂 The neighbors must think we are nuts.

We baked some gingerbread cookies and one came out looking like Phinley from the Threshers!

I am now a student ambassador for FLVS and help with live lessons. I have to help monitor kids behavior and help if they need help.

We had fun at the Florida State Fair. We got our huge Amish Donuts and enjoyed seeing all the animals.

The guy running the butterfly booth was kind enough to give us two dead coontie hairstreak butterflies. Mom had to carry them around all day so they didn’t get damaged! 

I loved the crafts at the pioneer village. We made OJ and butter like usual!

This week was also Mardi Gras. We going Ms. Gail for the parade. I had too much water and then an ice cream and my tummy started to hurt. I had a fun evening but was happy when the parade ended and we could go home.

We had quite a haul of beads!

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