New Years Eve 2017

We had a great morning out at the Farmers Market. We wandered and looked alt he artwork, had some yummy donuts and hot cocoa. It was really foggy so we never got to see the Hollywood sign. Up next was the La Brea Tar Pits. We enjoyed a trek through the county park learning bout the tar pits and how they are still active today. You can see spots in the grass and parking areas where there are little tar fissures and the tar just bubbles up! We watched some volunteers working on sorting bone fragments. I was obsessed with the 400+ dire wolf skulls! We visited the Santa Monica Pier in the dense fog. We saw some unique people performing on the pier. We averted our eyes and just kept walking. We did get to ride the carousel. We headed up the coast towards Malibu and had great seafood at the Reel Inn. Finally our last voyage was through the hills with mom behind the wheel. We were twisting and turning and roller coasteering through the hills back to the campground. What a wild ride. At one point Mom even got passed by a guy on a BICYCLE! I think he had a death wish! She passed him at the bottom of the hill. Mom said that was fun but she didn’t need to do it again. Early bed tonight since tomorrow we have to be on the bus at 4am from the Rose Parade!

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