More Rose Parade HOP Activities

We had tickets to the Equest Festival. It was a lot of fun to see all the horses and teams performing. The group had awesome seats right in the corner of the show stadium. We loved the Wells Fargo and Budweiser teams. There were many trick ropers, cowboys and girls, ponies and so much more! The next morning was Band Fest! We received these neat little Remo drums to play along with the bands. It was really cool to see how the bands arranged and performed. We all really liked when they were fun and funky! After Band Fest we raced back to the bus and headed to the Ronald Reagan Library. This was quite a treat. We saw part of the Berlin Wall. The views were amazing! We saw the resting place of Ronald and Nancy.

We even got to see some really cool items from his presidency. This was the suit that he was wearing the day he was shot, and lived. A copy of the Oval office from his presidency. One of the outfits Nancy wore to make a point at a gala. They actually had Air Force One IN the building! We had a VIP tour so we got to skip the lines and get right into the plane. We saw a golden eagle outside before we left. It was a long day but we all had a lot of fun!

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