Fun Weekend and Disney Trip

When Mom was at her conference Dad decided to clean some of the garage. We had a lot of extra expired gallons of water. Rather than just dump them we decided to jump on them. We had water flying all over! Of course we recycles the containers when we were done jumping on them!

Oh yeah I FINALLY lost all these k9 baby teeth! These were my last teeth I will ever loose 🙁

We went to Animal Kingdom to celebrate my friend Ds birthday! He turned 15. We all enjoyed the rides, laughing and having fun together. 

Emmerson learned why I love Primevil Whirl so much! 

Fun was had by all! I really enjoyed spending Disney time with friends. 

After some rides at EPCOT I talked Mom into getting us a cotton candy drink and glo-nut. The glow-nut glowed in the black lights! Kinda cool! 

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