Getting Back into 4-H


This year we have several different clubs. We started a Marine Ecology club to help grow the kids on the Marine Team. We had a lot of fun trying to catch fish.

Sadly the only thing caught was a puffer fish. But it was really neat looking.

We attended the Forest Ecology Clinic in Gainesville and learned about compass skills and more about plant and tree ID.

There was a freak rainstorm in the middle of our hike and we collected samples and raced for the shelter.

We did a little mock contest and I feel really good with my plant ID ability for this year. We have expanded the team like marine and hope to do well at the event this year.

We have had a few fun days of critter catching with our club. I am amazed how much we find in the grass beds in the intercostal.

Look at the size of this lightning whelk!

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