Marine Quest, Mock Marine and More Fun

We had a great time at the FWC Marine Quest this week. We were lucky to get a spot as the event is very popular! We killed some time before our 12:00 rotation. We learned about phytoplankton and got to use some amazing microscopes. I have learned bout microscopes in science class but this was my first hands on experience with 3-D and SEM ! I was absolutely fascinated!

We learned about the Florida Duck and how it is interbreeding with Mallard Ducks and making Hybrid F10s! (weird name). 

We learned how they use cameras with laser spots to measure characteristics of the birds like wing pattern, band width and color. The lasers allow for more precise measurements at a great distance. I took a Cool Shake Investigators pledge and helped solve the crime of illegal harvesting of sharks in the Gulf of Mexico!

We learned about invasive plants and how they out compete natives for food, water and space.

We saw some really cool underwater photography equipment that is used to monitor research projects. My favorite was the lab on eastern oysters and how they are indicators of ocean acidification. I thought it was cool to learn that research like this goes on at FWC. Over the weekend we drove toCedar Key for the Mock Marine Event. Since there was no state contest this year this was the next best thing. There were only two counties at the event, us and Alachua. SO we knew a lot fo the kids at the event. I missed two overall. One was a really tricky sea lavender. I never studied the leaves to the was my mistake. I know for next year though. I also missed one crab. I guess we need to review the crabs again! :0

We worked on putting a box together to send to 4-H kids in Kenya, Africa! This is part of a larger outreach another youth is organizing. We were so excited to add seashells, fidget spinners and other science items! 

We made cards to add to the box. 

This week at archery it rained almost the entire time. We only got to shoot 3 arrows each 🙁 We did get to make targets to shoot at next week! 

We wrapped up marine Team for the year with a fun day of fishing, not catching. We had a blast collecting seaweed from he floating dock and finding all the sea life living in it.

Random Thoughts and Days

We had our state mock contest for 4-H Marine Ecology this weekend. We drove up to Crystal River. It was a small group of kids but we had a great time testing out knowledge. We all earned a golden scallop for participating. I am eager for the contest to come back next year! 

I helped work more on the 4-H box that is going to Kenya for our pen-pal exchange program. 

Emmerson is taking a photo class and he loves to make me his subject. I am trying to be a good sport about his multitude of photo shoots lately.

Some down time with Star Wars. Even Thunder watched the movies with us.

Insanely Busy Week

This week as been back to back events and activities. E and I ran a critter catching outreach program through 4-H. We taught kids how to dip net and then helped them discover what species they had caught. There were a LOT of jellyfish (sea nettles) in the water.

We had about 30 kids show up. 

The next day was 4-H NYDS Incredible Wearables/SteamPunk. We got to make recycles insects, dress in period costumes and learn how to made a heart rate monitor. 

My costume tied with Emmerson for the blue ribbon! 

I also got a blue for my long legged insect. 

Our team made a really good fitness tracker. 

We started up 4-H archery! I am so excited to be part of this new club.

We competed in the Old Salt Sea Wall tournament. We didn’t catch a single thing but we had a lot of fun trying. I am starting to see a theme this year. I just want to catch ONE fish! JUST ONE! 

Our marine club visited Honeymoon Island and learned about the different ecosystems on the island. 

I had to go to the dermatologist and have a wart frozen off. I handled it like a trooped and DID NOT kick the doctor like I did when I was 5. 

We helped with some programs at Weedon Island. We learned about macro and micro trash in the marine environment. 

Then we made art out of items found during the cleanup! 

The next day was out 4-H Mock contest for Marne Ecology. I didn’t study as hard as usual but did well enough to earn the blue ribbon for the county.


Archery, Fishing and SteamPunk

I have been trying to re sight my bow after getting it restrung. I am getting much better with my aim. I can’t wait to have fun in the 4-H contests this year. I doubt I will win but I will go and have fun!

Our 4-H club had fun fishing in the surf. We didn’t catch anything but really enjoyed trying. 

I worked hard on my steampunk costume. I shopped within my budget at the thrift store, costume shop and target. I absolutely love the steampunk idea. This will be my Halloween costume in addition to my costume for the 4-H event this weekend. 

Fun Weekend and Disney Trip

When Mom was at her conference Dad decided to clean some of the garage. We had a lot of extra expired gallons of water. Rather than just dump them we decided to jump on them. We had water flying all over! Of course we recycles the containers when we were done jumping on them!

Oh yeah I FINALLY lost all these k9 baby teeth! These were my last teeth I will ever loose 🙁

We went to Animal Kingdom to celebrate my friend Ds birthday! He turned 15. We all enjoyed the rides, laughing and having fun together. 

Emmerson learned why I love Primevil Whirl so much! 

Fun was had by all! I really enjoyed spending Disney time with friends. 

After some rides at EPCOT I talked Mom into getting us a cotton candy drink and glo-nut. The glow-nut glowed in the black lights! Kinda cool!