Insanely Busy Week

This week as been back to back events and activities. E and I ran a critter catching outreach program through 4-H. We taught kids how to dip net and then helped them discover what species they had caught. There were a LOT of jellyfish (sea nettles) in the water.

We had about 30 kids show up. 

The next day was 4-H NYDS Incredible Wearables/SteamPunk. We got to make recycles insects, dress in period costumes and learn how to made a heart rate monitor. 

My costume tied with Emmerson for the blue ribbon! 

I also got a blue for my long legged insect. 

Our team made a really good fitness tracker. 

We started up 4-H archery! I am so excited to be part of this new club.

We competed in the Old Salt Sea Wall tournament. We didn’t catch a single thing but we had a lot of fun trying. I am starting to see a theme this year. I just want to catch ONE fish! JUST ONE! 

Our marine club visited Honeymoon Island and learned about the different ecosystems on the island. 

I had to go to the dermatologist and have a wart frozen off. I handled it like a trooped and DID NOT kick the doctor like I did when I was 5. 

We helped with some programs at Weedon Island. We learned about macro and micro trash in the marine environment. 

Then we made art out of items found during the cleanup! 

The next day was out 4-H Mock contest for Marne Ecology. I didn’t study as hard as usual but did well enough to earn the blue ribbon for the county.


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