More Custer State Park Fun

We got caught in a buffalo jam a few times. This one was by far the worst at almost 30 minutes. Dad’s car doesnt make much noice so the buffalo just weren’t getting out of the way. Cars were able to go around us but we just couldn’t follow them close enough to get out. Mom was near tears afraid of getting trampled! No zoom lens here! UGH! Stopping for a snack? Move along! The burros were hungry and nasty. They tried to get in the windows and use the car as a scratching post. We gave them carrots and E was apparently dangling his fingers like carrots and then closing the window when the burro came around to look. We saw a LOT of pronghorn. Saw some amazing smokeless views. B found a cool beetle and handed it to Mom, still alive! UGH!

A few photos that were left out from the last post of the Buffalo Safari ride. We had a great time!

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