Owl Update

We have a family of screech owls living in the palms in the backyard. Mom was finally able to get some good photos.

This we think is the male owl. It is an adult but tiny. The males are usually smaller than the females.

Click to see the photo larger and look at those talons! EEK! He looks skinny but isn’t. They can stretch tall to better blend in with tree branches.

This we believe is the female. She is puffy and larger. She is always on guard near the babies.

This is puffy baby #1. It isn’t very visible. The babies sleep in the fronds a bit deeper.

This is fluffy baby #2 and #3. #2 you can see the beautiful eyes and face! To the right in the photo is #3 blending in well and out of focus.

We had enjoyed watching their head bobbing and learning to hunt. We think they are about 5 weeks old as they still haven’t gotten many adult feathers. They fly floppily but are becoming better hunters. They have moved from lizards and bugs and even to a field mouse! Let’s hope they keep getting the rats too! It is possible the babies can stay as long as October! Fingers crossed they all keep thriving!



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