Ocala Outdoor Adventure Camp

This year I got to do the Outfitters Camp. In this camp you earn your bowhunting safety certificate.

I learned this year that kids get meaner as they get older. I was teased and victim of some bullying at camp by some of my cabin mates. But I told Mom “It is hard to find a bad egg in free range chickens, but easy to find one in chickens raised in a coop”. I likened my homeschool life to the free range chickens and the other bullies to those raised in a coop. To survive they became bullies.

Regardless of the treatment I had a blast at camp. I can’t wait to go back to the Safari Camp next summer.

I loved fishing off the T-dock. I caught a few fish this year, finally!

We learned a new game called killer frog. It was much better than the game a few kids in the cabin through was fun (whacking people in the privates!)

We held turtles, snake and alligators. My photo of me with the alligator didn’t come out, at least I was seen photobombing!

We had to climb up and fall out of a tree stand! That was very fun!

All and all it was a great camp! I know my real friend would never treat me like I was treated at this camp by some boys. I am excited for 4-H camp where I can be around those real friends for a week!

We did hear back from the camp director and they are taking action and adding more training on these issues so kids feel and are safe at camp and not victims of harassment and bullying. I can’t want to go back next year!

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