Last Minute Life Before Mom’s Surgery

Mom is set to have a carpal tunnel release preformed next week. We are trying to play catchup and get al the larger tasks done before hand. I had to learn how to scoop the litter box. A task I am not eager to do. I did negotiate a raise in my allowance!


We have voice lessons still and our teacher is set to come to our house for the next few lessons until Mom can drive again.

Mom made sure we had a lot of fun in between the chores. We had a blast shooting balloons with our bows.

I got my first Robin Hood! That’s when you hit your own arrow!

I chipped my front tooth again when sleeping. I got to go to the adult dentist this time and am all patched back up. I really liked the new dentist and asked Mom if I can start going here.

After the tooth repair we bought pinwheels for our annual spring yard decorating! We have about 30 pinwheels in the yard now. It looks so colorful. The birds don’t seem to mind as they keep emptying out the bird feeders.




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