Busy Weekend Archery Recurve and Fun

This weekend was the 4H State Traditional Match. It was  small tournament. I shoot sighted compound but borrowed Mom’s bow to have fun in the contest. I had fun but I really don’t like shooting recurve. 

Dad was a lane judge, and on the most confusing target too!

We all had a lot of fun at the 4-H tournament. I am looking forward to the State match in March where I can shoot compound.

We got home late in the evening. We had fun with our Mail Order Mystery package that came. We are enjoying decoding cyphers and finding the hidden messages. The story has been fun so far.

On Sunday we went to an Eco Fest at the Pinellas County Solid Waste Services. There were lots of vendors and things to see and do.

We did the tour of the property. I did not want my photo taken!

Then I changed my mind and wanted to have a hundred taken!

I asked a few provoking questions about the scrubbers and what percentages of greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. I think I stumped up the guide.

The claw is always a favorite on the tour for me. It is amazing how large it is!

Discussing art and nature with the sustainable urban ag people.

I have no clue what this was called but WOW was it amazing! At one point only one wheel was on the ground.

We learned about CPR. I want to take a class and get my certification.




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