December Fun

More schoolwork! Mom gave us a break from all the other schoolwork and I am focusing on my FLVS class. I love showing Emmerson things that I learn and he is a good student.

Taking over Dad’s chair as I work work work on FLVS Biology. It’s been a fun class. I am basically done now, I just have to wait until after the holiday break so I can take my last two DBAs and tests. I will take the EOC in April/May just for fun. I don’t have to take the end of course exam since I am a homeschooler but I want to see how I do on it!

We spent a night in Bethlehem again this year. We went to Hebrew school and wrote our names.

We learned how work working happened in biblical times.

We wandered the village and then heard the story of Mary and Joseph. It was a fun night with family.

We spend a fun day at Legoland before our passes expire. We rarely would go on a weekend but wanted to check out Christmas Bricktacular. It was a lot of fun.

I has a little tummy bug and so did E. E got it worse and was down for almost 10 days! His tummy hurt a long time.

I spent the hours being crazy while he slept and tried to feel better. I made several neat stuffed animals and learned to sew!

I also helped Dad with Christmas cookies. I changed the wreathes into Mele kalikimakas — that is Hawaiian for Merry Christmas! They looked like little hibiscus flowers.

When E felt a little better I helped him sew too.

Uncle Matt sent a new box of rocks! We had a blast going through them and seeing all our new treasures!

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