Busy with 4-H

We were supposed to take off December but we failed miserably and have been doing 4-H things all month.  Mom went to wrap gifts for a fundraiser and I gave my Bernoulli’s Principle demonstration at Barnes and Noble several times. I had a good crowd a few times.

Most of the times it was just a few kids. But It was good practice for public speaking.

I also read stories to kids! That was a lot of fun.

It was good to hang out with my friends too!

We also hosted a table at the Florida Botanical Gardens annual plant sale. We did a fundraiser for the clubs to help buy t-shirts for the upcoming Forest Ecology Contest in April.

I led a little class on how to make pipe cleaner flowers!

We als had a year end party/celecbration at Largo Park. We decorated cookies and then passed out candy canes to promote 4-H as we sang carols through the park.


I am absolutely loving the new, smaller club. We all really focus and learn a lot. Not to mention it is super fun!




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